Types of Amish furniture The amish furniture is traditionally handmade, they are designed with the creativity and the high level of the durability for all the type of the furniture. Oak is the most commonly used wood for manufacturing the furniture but they also use hickory, pine and the maple types of the wood for the different types of the furniture. The Cedar type of wood has the mild scented quality with the exclusive color and the design ranges. Some of the common styles of the amish furniture is the mission, shaker, rustic, Bunker Hill and the Carlisle. This type of the furniture can be used to decorate any rooms. Instead of electricity they use the diesel generators for the manufacture. Some people will place the order online stating the type of the wood needed for the manufacture. Some of the wood is scented whereas some of them are made with light fragrance. It is important to choose the right store as there are many duplicate furniture stores available online. You can search the amish furniture based on the category or based on the type of the manufacturing material. All the furniture can be easily maintained based on the type of the finishes. So they are protected for many numbers of years. They are said to be the best craftsman ship in the hand manufacturing of the Amish furniture. The living room furniture would be elegant when designed with the oak material. The catalogue is placed in the shopping website and you can through it.